Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Calligraphy links

Here are more interesting calligraphy websites
for your enjoyment!

Nicholas Crook/UK
Beautiful calligraphic -illuminated prints

Kathryn Finter/Canada
contemporary manuscript illumination

Gottingen Model Book

Gordon Macpherson/Canada

Medieval Illuminated postcards
Lambeth Palace Library /UK

cheryl dyer calligraphy & design /USA

Calligraphy Signs in
Hongkong Subway

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New USA Calligraphy Links

I ve been revamping my website...and finally added a USA calligraphers
(If you are listed..and wish to be remove please contact me!)

It s been a labour of love...since 6 yrs already....
Still page 1 on Google!!I truly hope that I helped
the general public to find calligraphers anywhere in the world!

Here are some new Calligraphy websites to discover!

Ann Heckle/UK
calligraphy as experiment, expression, and vocation

Karen Weich/USA

Georgia Deaver/USA

Association Scribouill'Art-France

Tips for hiring a Calligraphy Expert

Kallipos Matthias Groschke

Bow Valley Calligraphy guild/past issues newsletter

Linda Renc/calligraphy prints

A bit of Ink/Monica Mirones
Calligraphy letterpress invites